Huntington Counseling Center

The Huntington Counseling Center is home to private practice professionals in the areas of psychology, social work, marriage counseling and speech-language therapy. Using a variety of accepted ethical counseling models, these accredited private practice helpers are here to aid in improving the quality of life for patient or client. They work closely with primary care physicians or psychiatrists when medications are in order, always maintaining reasonable rates, the highest standards of care, confidentiality and privacy.

Therapists practicing at the Huntington Counseling Center include:

Victoria Danzig, LCSW
Call (858) 550-9977
Tired of talk therapy?
Contact Victoria Danzig, who uses Innovative Energy Psychology tools to treat trauma, triggers and tension.

Vince Huntington, LMFT
Text or call (858) 344-9050
Contact Vince Huntington, aka “THE Marriage Whisperer,” for couples or individual therapy.

Sally Huntington, LMFT
Call (858) 452-1199
There are no two people alike out there. Contact Sally Huntington for individual and couple counseling.

Craig Lambert, LCSW
Call (619) 990-9032
Gain new understanding of yourself, your partner and the intricate workings behind relationships, through Craig Lambert’s proven, practical couples’ therapy.

Eleanor Kalter-Margolin, MACCC
Call (619) 838-4566 (English and Spanish welcome)
Eleanor Kalter-Margolin provides speech and language therapy tailored exclusively to the needs of your child or young adult.

Derek Schwartz, Ph.D., BCIAC
Call (858) 877-0770 or email
Are you seeking a licensed clinical psychologist or certified biofeedback practitioner?
Contact Dr. Derek Schwartz

Trevor Olson, Psy.D.
Text or call (858) 255-1658
“Real people in life-giving relationships = the good life.”
Contact Dr. Trevor Olson for help with addiction, men’s issues and general mental health. The good life is possible.

Contact us:

(858) 452-1199


MON-SAT: 8 AM - 8 PM
Sun: Closed
(Hours vary based on
therapist availability)

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